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Community, Equity, Outlay

Meaningful metrics that make a difference.

Who we are: An ESG and Sustainability Resource
Helping you make a meaningful, sustainable difference.

At Progress ESG, we're the leading ESG investment resource for people to see sites and companies that satisfy the three critical ESG criteria to make meaningful progress so they can invest sustainably.

We educate investors and showcase businesses with optimized ESG measures and ratings. We are committed to highlighting socially and environmentally conscious companies with diverse leadership and a true dedication to change and their community.

ESG investing is socially responsible investing, and it is an active contribution to sustainable development. Even better, ESG investments consistently yield higher returns and present lower risk, regardless of the asset class.

Keys to Progress:

Outlay: While sustainable investing requires an initial investment, it yields significant long-term benefits to businesses. Businesses that emphasize sustainability are often more innovative and realize a greater return on investment.

Equity: Sustainable investing also yields significant benefits for decision-makers and the workforce. ESG investing cultivates a progressive work company culture that typically generates both diversity and equitable compensation for decision-makers and employees.

Community: Sustainable investing is a vital part of being a good neighbor where you are headquartered. It means treating your employees right, paying fair wages, and reinvesting gains into the surrounding community through sponsorships, donations, or projects. A commitment to your community will be reciprocated.

We focus on meaningful metrics that generate change. Our passion is progress, and we can’t wait to forge new paths ahead together!

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Our passion is enabling investors to invest sustainably. We offer ESG resources that analyze and evaluate a business’ ESG rating. Our premier ESG resources empower investors to make a meaningful difference while simultaneously receiving a significant return on investment.

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